Asp net detailsview itemupdating

Everything appears to be wired up correctly (the correct values are sent to the database when the Update button is clicked) and I want various data bound Drop Down List controls to be refreshed to reflect the updated data.I have read that the place to rebind these controls is in the Item Updated() event of the ...

I have a page with:- a dropdownlist- an object datasource - an updatepanel containing a Janus Grid Ex control The grid is bound to the datasource. Now I want to fire an Initialize Row event of Gridview on the page.I have a Details View control to which I am binding the results of a Linq-to-XML query.I want the default view to be Read Only and to display an edit icon to switch to edit mode.Item Updating event not fired for Details View I have problem with Item Updating event in Details view.When I set Auto Generate Rows to true, everything works fine.

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