Brian hwanhee dating new york dating experiment

Following their debut, the duo consistently released albums and their popularity gradually increased.

Their third album, Sea of Love, was released in 2001 and it featured a track titled Condition of My Heart, which was written by Brian Mc Knight.

This has however caused him often sing and strain way outside not only his comfort zone, but also his natural voice type’s tessitura.

This also happens because due to the lack of development in his lower range, at times in order to project below A2, Hwanhee strains his voice by forcing his larynx down creating a tone even darker than his natural timbre.

I won’t mention his name, but one producer once said to Fany, ‘You are a really good singer’, when he only said ‘Good job’, to me.

So I wanted to prove that I could do it too.” Awww Brian, still feeling a little inferior, are we?

Above A2, he’s shown that he’s able to keep a neutral larynx and a well chest placed sound in his voice, such as the A2’s in “남행열차“, “사랑하기에“, Bb2’s in “내 눈물 모아“, B2’s in “취중진담“, and the C3’s in “가슴 아파도“.

Although he has a more speech like clarity in his lower range only starting on A2, his tone isn’t necessarily completely lost below A2, but instead the lack of support causes the voice to be almost blurred and retain a smokier quality, more airy and less projected, such as the F#2’s in “취중진담“.

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