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It is possible to know the reason for this “suffering” or dissatisfaction, though, and it comes from three sources.and its principle feature is that we aren’t aware of the interconnectedness of all things.Usingvisualization, it basically involves taking upon yourself all the suffering pain, negativity and undesirable experiences of other sentient beings.You imagine taking this suffering upon yourself and then giving awayor sharing with others your own positive qualities, such as your virtuousstates of mind, your positive energy, your wealth, your happiness andso forth.While our thoughts can be helpful, they can also sabotage us and our relationships. As a species, we are naturally prone to the negativity bias which can see many of us wasting years compiling lists of our partner’s faults and ruminating on their flaws and past misdemeanors while overlooking a wealth of positive qualities.Mindfulness - noticing how you are feeling without judging it - helps you recognise unhelpful thoughts.

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By: Andrew Velikanje Bear Woman what you quoted from Rumi,is also expressed in the Introduction to A Course In Miracles ..."The course does not aim to teach the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught.As much as anything can be determined,my Creators are real.Whether or not I have created them,my Archetypes are real. Speak or act with an impure mind And trouble will follow you As the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart."a primary aim of zen is the uncovering of what is known as inherent knowledge.Self medication, left led meditation, Hand written predications, may create A penetration in all manifestation, That devastation must represent true loss. Trepidations seems rip, its leaves flip, To sting its own fate, which it wont even LEAVE with?In the back of many memories still she sits, Through the secret cracks that lead to speech,-The demons will always seep in.

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    As none of it, none of "this,"can be ultimately proven real, I must live "as if."2009 May 25initial reflections on sangha weekend~we walk in meditationbreathing in breathing out mindful of each breathof each stepstopping at creeki feel your reflection~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my actions are my karma~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~there are but two questions.brings joy and how do i attain it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~noble silence~~~~~~~~~laying on river rockamongst scultptures of driftwoodsoothing sound of water rushingbutterflies dance amongfootsteps of springskingdom of heaven~~~~~~~~~~~~~the river is lifewhitewaters and ripplesflow into clarity ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~be mindful of habit energybreathe~~~~~the mind is a clear blue skywith clouds floating bythe mind is a clear blue skywith fear floating bythe mind is a clear blue skywith anger floating bythe mind is a clear blue skywith clouds floating by~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~plum village~~~~~~~~~our food is a gift of the whole universethe earth, the sky and much hard workmay we eat in mindfulness as to be worth to receive itmay we transform our unskilled mindsand learn to eat in moderationonly food that is nourishingso we may realize the pathof understanding and love~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the elm dance~~~~~~~~~~sitting meditationmy actions are my karma.~~~~~~~~~~We are what we think. this is not the kind of knowledge that is produced by thinking based on conditioned consciousness.