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[Also see: Jokes] Dr Vicars: What do you think is the difference between Deaf humor and Hearing humor? Dr Vicars: Certainly the "delivery is different" when Deaf humor is conveyed via ASL vs.

spoken English, but I'm talking about the humor itself, not whether it is signed or spoken. In deaf humor the deaf person generally wins because of his or her deafness.

WN: How has the internet affected sexual education, experience and health among the deaf and hard of hearing?

WN: You just launched a few months ago and have a lot of plans for expansion. Capone: We're developing more websites and more movies.

We have several new cast members for our third main movie (as we also feature "deaf amateurs" movies) at the end of January, and we're going to announce the 2009 New Year's Eve bash sometime in May.

Capone: Hearing people will, first and foremost, understand that deaf people can do just about anything, except hear.

We want to expose the mainstream to our language, our use of technology (relay services, captioners, etc.) and to the sexual activities in the movies – the importance of eye contact, facial expressions and body language while engaging in sex acts.

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