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While that may frustrate those of us who get our Jamaica fix reading here I don't think anything that gets posted requires such immediate attention that this board doesn't work just fine as it is.

We'd all love for it to be more instantaneous but we are selfish by nature. This accommodation is basically a two person operation... By the way, this is far more than any of the other Jamaican (or Caribbean) resort chains offer. They read and approve all posts to make sure they are in they in sync with Couples Resorts policy's, goals and to remove all spam.

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This message board is owned by Couples, it's on their website.We also HIGHLY recommend every member have a Face Photo in their account before accessing Chat!(Adding the Passions site into your account is now FREE for all members…specifically so everyone can access chat! The chatroom is one of the many completely free features available within Married Passions.The reason that TA can do it, is that it is a revenue driven site... TA exists as a site to do business; Couples is a resort chain that's not in the business of running a website... Couples Resort's does post, (approve), the good and bad reports, but they do determine if the bad is true or not before they approve the posting.Couples Resorts pays the bill for the software, server, and to monitor for this board.

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