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You never know just how much fun you can have out on a dance floor.7.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game Who said dates had to be all mushy and romantic? Grab some hot dogs at the snack bar, and root on your favorite team.

Stop at all the overlooks for some great pictures, and don’t forget to pack a lunch! Bicycling This is a spin of the hiking idea, but instead you venture through the mountains on bicycles.

TIP: Read 'Tell Me Honey...2000 Questions for Couples' , the best-selling book for couples.Picnicking in the Playground So tell me, when is the last time you tumbled down a giant slide? Create a romantic evening at a local park or playground for just the two of you. Then it might be a fun idea to partake in a fancy dinner cruise.Carry your picnic basket full of goodies with you, and don’t forget the blanket. Good food, good entertainment, good company…what more could you want?Rut-dwellers usually just stay home and watch TV — sometimes in separate rooms. If you want to climb out of your rut and try new things, here are some easy-to-implement ideas to give you a boost.Then on special occasions, they might have dinner at the usual neighborhood burger barn or go see a movie at the local theatre. Think of the word DATES to stimulate the “creative dating” quadrant of your brain: Delicious Adventurous Thematic Educational Surprising Delicious Dating They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it’s true for women, too.

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