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Next, there’s a criminal lawyer, whose wife runs a pharmacy. My cousin is our ringleader and the one who got me hooked on the living-large ethos in the first place.He’s a mid-30s Bay Street entrepreneur who runs a tech software company and rents a penthouse in a luxury hotel downtown with his fiancée.(I’ve kept all names out of this story to protect my buddies from your scorn.) As a group, we travel whenever we want, wherever we want.In the last 12 months, I’ve partied in Brazil and backpacked through Guatemala and Mexico.

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But when I’m out with him, I just pick whatever I think is the best, which usually means a 0 bottle. He’s a teacher who wants to own a house one day, and he gets anxious when we’re all out on a bender.The pinnacle of the weekend was two hours on a closed racetrack behind the wheel of a 0,000 dark blue Lamborghini Gallardo.I tried to redline it—it tops out around 310 kilometres per hour—but the rental guy talked me down around 220. I’m a pharmacist, and I work hard—sometimes six days a week. I make 0,000 a year, and I spend the vast majority of it on experiences—wild, rare, unforgettable experiences.First, we spent five days in Hong Kong, which is like New York City on crack.I had never seen people so excited to buy Louis Vuitton that they line up outside to get into the store.

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