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Numerous charts and full-color photos enhance the presentation, making the book an excellent choice for course adoption.Geisler thinks even beginning students can appreciate and understand the canon and demonstrates beautifully the simplicity and consistency of these writings.Gabriel’s Revelation is a stone that was found nearly a decade ago in Jordan by the Dead Sea. For the past 2000 years first-century Nazareth was unquestionably considered the historic hometown of Jesus. According to his view, ancient Nazareth did not emerge prior to A. 70, and the settlement of Nazareth did not exist earlier than the second-century A. However, there are several reasons why Salm’s argument against Nazareth should be rejected.The stone is said to be three feet tall and date to the 1st Century B. Written in two columns on the stone are 87 Hebrew lines of ink with references to the Old Testament books of Daniel, Zechariah, and Haggai. From the lines above many of the critics are claiming that there was a resurrection account by Jewish believers about a Messiah who would rise from the dead after three days, and that the disciples borrowed this account in order to fabricate the Gospel message. The gospels make it abundantly clear that Jesus was “of Nazareth” (Jn. First, there has been little archaeological work completed in the Nazareth area since most of the ancient city lies under the modern city of Nazareth (ca. The sparse materials and current cumulative data should not be stretched into Nazareth’s non-existence since the alleged absence of material data and the presence of Roman and Byzantine evidence is not “contradictory” evidence that disproves Nazareth’s first-century existence.

The jury is still out on the matter of first-century Nazareth’s location.

The dress, travel, vocation, and custom of biblical characters are all foreign to us.

Yet it is important to understand the context and content of the New Testament if we are to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

· What can today’s believers get out of a letter about a slave returning to his master?

· How can we understand difficult passages in the New Testament?

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