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If you've been casually dating for three months and you only see each other every two weeks or so, it's evident that he's not investing much in you or this relationship. The dude's a jerk and has been giving you a false narrative. If you want something more from him and he's not willing to budge, you're telling him that it's OK. )You've made your feelings clear, so now it's time for him to do the same. Hopefully — considering you really like this guy — he steps up and begins making more time for you. We were very different physically, racially and in temperament, so it was interesting. It became a routine, like a marked day on the calendar. We love to avoid saying these things in fear of sounding sexist, but it's true: Guys are better at compartmentalizing.Sure, he's texting you back in a timely manner, but that could be because he likes female attention and knows he can keep you on the line if he sends you the occasional text and sees you twice a month. He's just going to keep getting away with as little as he can until he's bored, at which point your conversations will slowly fade into nothingness. But if not, at least you can move on to something more authentic. We also lived in different parts of the city and were on different schedules. (I'm such a dick, always taking girls out on weeknights — when I don't have to be up for work and she does — and then drinking until the sun comes up.) The next week, we went out on a Wednesday. And once I knew we had a set day, I became an awful texter. We can go out with you on Wednesday and have such a great time we never want the day to end.He told me not to “try to get rid of him again” and “not to worry."I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, and I hoped he realized that he should really put more time and effort into getting to know me and spending time together if he wanted this to go somewhere.But a few weeks have gone by and nothing has changed.

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Plus, I didn’t have a demanding career or anything.I want to say he was more assertive in the beginning, but if he's lost interest, why did he tell me to not try to get rid of him again?I'm prepared to move on, I just don't get why he kept leading me on if he doesn't want to talk or see me.--Julie, 23Hi Julie!I texted him saying, "I like you, but it doesn't seem like you have time for me." I fully expected him to write back agreeing, and then things would be over. Instead, he wrote back saying that he wanted to see me again and made plans right away.When we hung out, we talked about the text I sent him and he told me he was sorry and that he was just out of town and didn't even realize how much time had gone by.

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