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Whilst she is normally regarded as a Southdown vehicle, she’s actually lettered for Worthing Motor Services, a precursor of Southdown.Dine on fantastic food, with ingredients sourced directly from the West Country with Pullman Dining, on our luxury silver service onboard restaurant.By 1947 the body of JY 124 had been updated to B35R, and the chassis had acquired a Gardner 4LW engine, thus making the chassis technically B4LA7, the ‘4L’ indicating the 4 cylinder Gardner.She was once registered as CD4952 and is resident at Amberley, where we see her on 21 September 2014.That management had some peculiar arrangement whereby their vehicles could be registered either in Brighton or in County Armagh.The pre-war (1914-18) Tilling-Stevens machines of this type were TS3.On our site we have real people who search for real relationships.

This model was an undated version of the very successful B10 type that first appeared in 1928, that was itself a development of the 1926 B9.

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There can be a significant amount of time between an invention and its first production, and even greater time until production figures are significantly high enough to affect the archaeological record.

Usually wire nails are ascribed an 1850s beginning date, but that date is both too early and too late.

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