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The Black Mercy it’s called, and once in its grasp it probes your mind for what you desire most and recreates in an ultra real simulation. Mongul gave it to him in an effort to get out of the way the only hero on Earth capable of stopping him, and now with Kal-El sidelined Mongul can lay waste to the Earth. His life on Krypton back, with his wife, kid and father, and the episode cuts between his simulation and Batman and Wonder Woman trying to stop Mongul from going any further than the Fortress.

This is one of the more somber episodes of the series as we know Kal-El’s planet and family are gone forever and once rescued from his simulation he goes ape-shit on Mongul’s ass, beating him to a near pulp for giving him a taste of something he can never have again.

And having never seen the show in its entirety I was instantly blown away by the stories and the season story arcs.

I’m writing this part of the review, the pre-amble as I’m calling it, before having revisited the entire series again through Warner Archives new blu-ray set so I can’t tell at the moment if that “middle season” that starts with (Note: According to The World’s Finest the previous DVD releases had a couple of issues, namely the audio glitch in “Divide We Fall” and the episode error order where “Hunter’s Moon” was mistakenly placed between “Question Authority” and “Flashpoint,” all of them have been fixed on this blu-ray set). INTIATION: A great beginning as we see the League’s founding members (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and The Flash) have decided to expand their roster, and this episode is about trying to recruit Green Arrow, who isn’t a team player when it comes to joining these kinds of all-too-powerful teams, they tend to forget about the little guy, but he’s reluctantly pulled into a mission when a pseudo North Korea-like country’s atomic weapon goes rogue and wanders the countryside making the landscape glow.

A visit to Starlabs gets them noticed by somebody powerful, who sends a military copter with armed men and a Zeta robot (Z-8 model in this episode) to take Kara.

Incidentally, a Zeta robot got it’s own series at one time called, Clues eventually lead the heroes to a research center with a hologram training room. She calls herself Galatea (Tea for short), and she’s a few years older, shorter hair and curvier.

things you ll know if you ve lived with an ex after breaking up It s hard for a selfish person to see their selfish side But these signs will definitely tell you if you re being selfish in your relationship .

, about four episodes in I gave up misguidingly (is that a word?

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