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Divorces and Breakups A divorce is one of the most traumatic things that you can experience.

It ranks just after a death of a loved one in stress and emotional turmoil.

Some people are able to heal and move on, but other people just can’t.

The cheating may have been with a trusted friend or it may have been a long-term affair. Even if he tries to date someone again, he finds it impossible to let his guard down and trust a woman.7.

They know exactly what it is like to lose everything in a divorce, and they don’t want to take that risk again.6.

They Were Cheated on At some point, most people have been cheated on before.

He may feel like there is no one on his level to date, so he gives up.

If he has a self-esteem problem, then dating a woman who is out of his league may make him severely unhappy.

He may have had bad experiences in the past or he may have been cheated on.Even if he tries to date, his partner feels lonely and left out because he is constantly busy.After experiencing a break up because of his work, he may just put off dating until some day in the future when he actually has time for it.2.Because of this, he may just give up on dating women entirely.3.Traditional Roles Some guys want a woman who can be a housewife and cook their dinner each night.

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