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Comparing 2002–2012 to 1996–2001, there is a statistically significant and substantively large decrease in the unconditional and conditional probabilities that Arab and Islamic Americans will self-identify as white.” “Racial Identity and Well-Being among African Americans” Hughes, Michael; et al. Using data from the National Survey of American Life (N = 3,570), we tested hypotheses derived from social identity theory and the internalized racism perspective.

Findings support social identity theory in showing that African Americans strongly identify with their group and view it very positively.

Findings support scholars’ concern that common conceptualizations of race may not capture the complexity of self-identified racial categories among youth.” “Monoracial and Biracial Children: Effects of Racial Identity Saliency on Social Learning and Social Preferences” Gaither, Sarah E.; et al. In a learning preferences task, participants determined the function of a novel object after watching adults (white, black and Asian) demonstrate its uses.

In the social preferences task, participants saw pairs of children (white, black and Asian) and chose with whom they most wanted to socially affiliate. Abstract: “Over the past 500 years, North America has been the site of ongoing mixing of Native Americans, European settlers and Africans (brought largely by the trans-Atlantic slave trade), shaping the early history of what became the United States.

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Of course, racial categories are social constructs; scholars note that even perceived “monolithic” identities such as African-American almost always, genetically speaking, encompass mixed races.In addition, those who identify more with their group and evaluate it more positively have greater self-esteem, greater mastery, and fewer depressive symptoms. Abstract: ” Having a connection to one’s ethnic heritage is considered a protective factor in the face of discrimination; however, it is unclear whether the protective effects are persistent across multiple stressors.However, findings also support the internalized racism perspective by showing that when group evaluation is relatively negative, racial identification is related to lower mastery and higher depressive symptoms.” “The Protective Role of Ethnic Identity for Urban Adolescent Males Facing Multiple Stressors” Williams, Joanna L.; et al. Furthermore, the dimensions of ethnic identity that reflect group pride/connection (affirmation) and exploration of the meaning of group membership (achievement) may operate differently in the face of stress.Yea, we asked a whole bunch of international people, all of whom have done the mattress mambo with American partners, what they thought of our "skills." Turns out, we’re not really that awful after all!In fact, some non-Americans downright enjoy slipping in between the red, white, and blue sheets -- or at least they found it extremely easy.

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