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In May 2011, Microsoft bought Skype for .5 billion.

By then, the stable version of Skype for Windows was 5.3, with Facebook integration and group video calls.

Skype version 3.1 and successive apps became more social.

It was no longer a matter of calling your family, but also of connecting with new people through the network. It was a service which could create voice conversations with up to one hundred participants.

Skype is a great communication app for making video calls.

It is available for nearly any device with internet access, reaching more than 300 million users per month.

In early 2008, the tension between e Bay and Skype’s respective management teams resulted constant managerial changes and culminated with the departure of the company’s two founders.

The founders of Skype then concentrated on a streaming video service called Joost, which unfortunately wasn’t very successful.During the following years, Skype continued to be updated, but the company didn’t flourish financially.e Bay absorbed billions in losses for the company, and subsequently stated that they had overrated Skype.Skype Installation Window Beta 0.90, 0.97, 1.0 and 1.4, with different colors Version 2.0 was released for the first time in beta version in late 2005.It aimed to revolutionize internet calls again, first introducing video calling and a new design incorporating a more simplified interface.

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