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But Saturday afternoon, she suddenly jumped off her downtown apartment building, dressed in jeans and a purple shirt.

Police reports indicate that there was no struggle in the apartment, but her cause of death is yet to be determined.

Ruslana Korshunova has died after jumping off the ninth floor of her New York apartment building.

The 20-year-old rising Russian supermodel's suicide occurred before p.m.

Certainly, CBS hasn't been shy in exploiting her colorful past, noting that, during her trip to Pakistan to interview Pervez Musharraf, "her suitcase with bikinis and other beachwear made it to Islamabad; the suitcase with the rest of her clothes did not." Ranae Shrider is the woman in the Verne Troyer sex tape video.

The 22-year-old model from Kentucky, has black hair and brown eyes.

She apparently cut the construction netting that enclosed her balcony just before jumping.

Verne Troyer was previously married to a lingerie model, Genevieve Gallen, but they were divorced within a month of the wedding.

His My Space profile says, "any models in the house?

She predominantly poses in a bikini with varying degrees of skin shown. In 2007, her 17-year-old brother Nick disabled an ex-Marine, John Graziano, when he crashed a car while driving drunk. Shortly afterwards, her parents split when her mother filed for divorce.

Watch Brooke Hogan's "Maxim" photoshoot video: A Verne Troyer sex tape has found its way online.

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