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Women spend hours on that site "pinning" wish lists of all their favorite crap under the sun... Yes, buying your girlfriend lingerie is partly self-fulfilling. If the thought of her in a black negligée gets you going faster than a brick on a Ferrari accelerator, then by all means buy it. I always asked male clients what their women's favorite features were. If she's self-conscious about her tummy, I don't care how much you love that little bralette!Just remember to present it with a coy whisper in her ear about why you chose it for her specifically. That way, a guy can pick something out to accentuate that body part. A nightie will ensure she feels sexy and comfortable. If you buy a garment too big, she'll assume you think she looks larger than she is (NOT good). She'll cry chardonnay tears when she can't quite squeeze into that bustier. Sneak a peek at her bra and underwear tags after your next bedroom romp while she's obliviously basking in euphoria.Teddies and bodysuits resemble one-piece swimwear for the daring.They feature cutouts, see-through bits, and even themes for role-play (if French maids get you going) -- but tread lightly here if she's a lingerie virgin. Keep her individual tastes in mind so she knows you thought of HER and not Jenna Haze while shopping.

To alleviate your anxiety, here's a comprehensive guide to corset shopping, boob sizing, and setting the mood this Valentine's Day. With cups and adjustable straps, they also have curve-hugging mesh or lace at the waist.Speaking from experience, rest assured that sales associates don't think you're a perv for perusing women's undergarments.In fact, assisting a nervous male client is basically our favorite thing to do. Inform her of colors or styles you'd like to see, or describe your girlfriend's body type and personality. Seriously, it's our pleasure to help you -- anything is better than the boredom of putting sensors on panties. After a bottle of half-decent Chianti, she'll be eager to try on whatever you bought her. I always gift-wrapped lingerie for nice male clients in my store because a box and bow go a long way.Lingerie-sizing formulas can be a headache to the unfamiliar, so here's a cheat sheet.Sizes for bras and bustiers with built-in cups include a number, which is the distance in inches around her ribs just below her boobs, plus five (women's sizing sucks).

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