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In Mississippi, for example, Centene, the parent company of Magnolia, will offer plans in each county in the state.

After Humana announced it's exiting the market at the end of this year, Centene is expected to be the only one.

In my effort at progress, I want to see the house remade as a writer's center — a space of rebirth in a long-neglected part of my city.

Thomas Henderson’s greatest legacy, for instance, is the mansion he built in central Natchez just before the Civil War broke out.

In America, it’s possible to look back, even to an instant past, and find yourself gazing up-close into an undiscovered prism of race and racial inequality that lies at the foot of all our histories.

It is all just over our shoulders, around familiar corners or — in the case of that day in the Mississippi cemetery — right next door. Holiday has become a catch-all for black remembrance and celebration, a day to look forward, as King so often did, to progress, but also to note how much more remains to be done.

One county official leading the charge for selling, Supervisor Bricklee Miller, is simply satisfied that the process prompted more people to think about health care.

Now, hospital officials are mulling plans to affiliate with a larger health system, which could help expand services at the hospital while maintaining county ownership.

Research and testing will determine exactly what the relationship was between Thomas Henderson and my forebears.

It's still unresolved, though Congress is considering bills to extend both programs.

According to Mississippi Primary Health Care Association, the Championing Healthy Kids Act of 2017, passed by the House, provides support to Federally Qualified Health Centers — community centers.

The only mention of slavery in the house surfaces in a snapshot of his will, in which he deeds three of his “negro men” to one of his daughters.

But my very presence in the house, even as a visitor in modern times, shatters the myth-making that obscures how quickly connections can be drawn.

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