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The Profilers were amused at the gifts he brought back out. He is thought to be wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and jeans. and have the utmost faith in the team finding my brother safe and sound. “I’ve hit a dead end on that front too.” Reid volunteered. “Reid, you can do anything you put that brilliant brain of yours to! Do you understand the rules as I have explained them?

They’d had a quick collection in the office for Amita and Larry. He knew he might have to hurt you and Amita but it wasn’t about you.”“Not that easy to manoeuvre, I’m slightly athletic.” They heard Morgan say as he climbed down into the room. The abductor was in his mid to late thirties, of average height and build, with dark hair. As they re-entered the office, Morgan’s phone rang. Derek just went and stood next to him, leaning against the wall. But, the thing is Reid; you need to channel your feelings into the case. If you are not the one to complete a task, Charlie is dead.

His team are the best at dealing with this sort thing.”“Dad, its Don. No he’ll be fine…a leg shot and the creep actually called the paramedics if you can believe it! “Hi, this is Megan Reeves, I was in your class at Quantico...

yeah…he broke in and shot Larry knocked Amita out and took him… One of our regular consultants and the brother of our lead Agent has been kidnapped… The kidnapper left a coded message and a laptop computer…we have 12 hours, well less than 11 now, to work out the password or he’ll kill Charlie.

“But, before we get to that, we had a whip round at work for you and Amita. He was, in all probability, driving a van, probably dark in colour. Without something to narrow it down…” Alan came over and studied the note over Reid’s shoulder. It took them 2 ½ hours to finally find it at the bottom of a box at the bottom of a pile of boxes at the very back of the garage and to get back to the office. “Bang.” Then he laughed chillingly and dropped Charlie’s head.

Amita’s were fairly standard, chocolates, flowers, but Larry’s were more unusual.“No not yet. They want to know what happened.” Then Colby remembered the bag he held. We believe he may be a stalker who has escalated to kidnapping. “The amount of books, journals and magazines published in 1991 is insurmountable. ” “Smile for your brother Charlie.” The kidnapper told him, and then he looked straight down the camera.

Jason Gideon, agents Derek Morgan, Emily Prentiss, Jennifer Jareau and Dr Spencer Reid.” Hotch replied. There was a famous case involving million dollars in gold being hidden. you stay here to and look at whether we want to contact the media. Hotch you and I will go to the hospital, talk to the witnesses.” Gideon handed down orders. He was working on his cognitive emergence theory and Amita and I were playing the hockey game. Thank you.” She stepped down off the podium to a chorus of questions. He starred at the date.“I don’t know.” Don replied.

“Yes, I believe it to be a book code.” He said walking over to the board where the note was posted. The first number in each group represents a letter the next a line and so forth. We got you something.” “We were in the garage, Charles was at the blackboard. Now, Professor Eppes’ brother and father would like to say a few words. No one had actually bothered showing it to him yet.

It would be such a shame to waste such a brilliant mind; he has done so much at such a young age. You aren’t thinking clearly and the rest of us aren’t doing much better. I thought you’d want to be there.”“Okay.” Gideon smiled they got into the car and Colby drove them to a small shop. If we had just stayed put…” Larry told them.“He did say something peculiar. “He came to the house knowing exactly what he wanted to do. She examined crime-scene photos the called back;“I am Agent Jennifer Jareau with the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the F. I am going to outline the basic profile of the kidnapper for you now. Please, return him to us.” They walked away to the clamour of the reporters begging for a few more scraps of information. “If you’re fine then why did you run off and lock yourself in the bathroom? He was tugging down his left sleeve and his bag was on the side next to the sinks. If you’re this worried about it then maybe you should talk to Gideon or Hotch about it, but they’re just going to say the same as I have. We all know you’re going through something and no ones going to blame you for being upset. If you contact the media without my instructions, I shall kill your brother. He was totally focused on Professor Eppes.” Gideon said. We were called in following the abduction of renowned mathematician Charles Eppes who often consulted with the Bureau. Now it’s Alan’s turn.“If you have my son, please, don’t hurt him. I don’t think I could cope with losing Charlie as well. Morgan stood to follow him but Hotch tried to stop him with a hand on his arm. Morgan walked in and found Reid in front of the mirror. “If you wish to see your brother again then you shall complete all the tasks allotted to you. If you attempt to find me, I shall kill your brother. As some of you may have heard, my brother, Charlie, was kidnapped. After just ten minutes she realised that there was no way to find where the signal was streamed from. Now that Don wasn’t watching, he was starting to break down. Reid stood quickly as Gideon jogged over to grab Don. Reid had firmly ensconced himself in front of the computer, talking to Charlie, reassuring him. Reid froze for an instant then quickly waved the rest of the team over.“Very good Jason. Put Agent Eppes on now or the professor is dead.” He pulled a gun from his waistband and showed it to the camera.

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