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I remember how captivated I was when Property Ladder used to appear on TV. Sarah has a home in South West London and another in Yorkshire.

I don’t quite remember exactly when, but I’m sure she was one of many inspirations for getting into the property game. She’s very close with her brother, which is a good thing, because they both married into the same family.

That night she met the sister-in-law of a Channel 4 researcher who said they needed a presenter for a programme called Property Ladder.

Sarah proved to be just what the producers were looking for, and she went on to front various spin-off shows such as Streets Ahead and Britain’s Best Homes, as well as set up her own, highly successful dating website,

When she returned, she sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door and then set up her own sandwich-making business, before directing her attention to property.

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We had her IQ tested and she was mega bright, but it never showed in her exam results.Considering that Sarah Beeny was inspecting drains at the age of seven and re-tiling roofs at 11, it’s hardly surprising she became a successful property expert.Especially when you learn that her father Richard is an architect.I must say it has given me a completely different appreciation for what Sarah does.” Richard may not have a broadcasting background but the Beenys’ self-sufficient lifestyle has proved invaluable preparation for his TV debut.Richard now lives near Chichester with his second wife Trish but the family home was on the edge of the Duke of Wellington estate on the Hampshire/Berkshire border.

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