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Outdoor work might be better for hackers' brains than most realize. Recently we finished the transfer by getting a good internet connection (not that easy in mountains, but totally worth it).

Get your body in shape in the morning and your mind in shape in the afternoon. My advice - move to the friendly environment that lets you live off really small money (100$ is a good salary for locals here) and then things are easy and pleasing.

For example, Stanford University policy can be found on the web at

That policy provides that inventions of this sort can be placed in the public domain.

Think about it: if we had bunk beds, we could stack hackers on top of each other to save space. And if we bought food in bulk, we could eat better on the same amount we ordinarily need to live on ramen budgets. I burned through all my school financial aid until next semester starts in January. If anybody's got an extra bedroom for a month...wouldn't a hacker hippie commune be more about building a robotic plow and spending your, now spare, time OCRing and analyzing old farmers almanacs to determine the optimal time to plant/rotate/water crops? I'm going to register a domain and try and set this up on kickstarter.

~100% of people who partook found out about us from meeting us at a farmer's market. But I wouldn't expect to get a whole lot of hacking done, at least not in your first season.commune... I just watched The Secret of Kells on Netflix and was wondering the same thing.

The post does not identify the offending university.

I think that the aggrieved inventor should check to see what his university policy provides.

Hit me up, libertarian-capitalist-economical living can be a real ideal.

See pic here: clarification: Commune does not mean being without internet, nor does it necessarily imply growing food.

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