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Smith returned to her house later in the evening of September 8th. Smith was driving a white Ford Taurus station wagon. Smith informed her that he had received the cuts after he fell into a briar patch. Mc Kinney that the car he was driving belonged to his mother. Albans.” The second witness called by the defense was John Gilbert. Gilbert testified that he was a neighbor of the victims. Gilbert, on the night of September 7th, between p.m.

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Smith entered her home, he took off the teddy bear T-shirt and dropped it on the floor.

Smith on two counts of murder, two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of first degree sexual assault. The following facts outline the evidence presented to the jury.

Smith's trial was conducted between November 23 and December 30, 1992. Smith was wearing camouflage pants, military boots and a baseball hat. Smith was also wearing a green military belt that had a plastic canteen attached to it, along with a leather sheath that contained a knife.

Castaneda, identified the Walkman radio headset as belonging to Ms.

Smith returned to the Walls' home, where he had been temporarily living for several months.

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