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Shephard jibed back: "It's an interview and we don't have a lot of time, Barry."As Gardiner continued to explain that the public would have all the answers they needed on Tuesday when Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto will be officially announced, GMB viewers took to Twitter to discuss the awkward encounter.

One posted: "Ben Shephard wishing @piersmorgan was on shift this morning with that awkward Barry interview!

At the mention of corporation tax, Shephard went in on Gardiner, asking him to further explain what he meant by that.

But the politician was not happy at the interruption, awkwardly saying: "If it's an interview, we don't assume what they're going to say, we let them say it."Usually it's good if you let them answer the question," he added.

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Meanwhile, sources say that one reason for is strong and full of iconic characters, and we look forward to continuing to build on the film that started it all, as well as expanding into different narratives beginning with our first spinoff.” The saga began as a 2001 mid-budget thriller that was trying to catch the fumes of the street racing culture in the San Fernando Valley around the turn of the century.He was a member of Britain's National Diving Squad for twelve years.He was also a model for French Connection before he got into acting. Jason Statham first got into acting upon meeting director Guy Ritchie.He is an actor well-known for being in action films and thrillers, and is also known for doing most of his stunts himself.Jason Statham grew up athletic-- he was involved in martial arts, football/soccer as a child and more importantly, diving.

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