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Her son Tyler Hilton, who recently wrapped up season 2 of the sci-fi TV show “Extant,” is gearing up for an international tour in December and just got married.

Some of her movies are “Some things that stay”, “Charlie Barrette” , “The Butcher’s Daughter” , “A Cinderella Story” , “So Undercover” and “The F Word”.

She also contributed in some television series like “Ace Lightning”, “She's Too Young”, “This Time Around”, “The Blob heads”, “Dark Oracle”, “The Dark Room”, “The Perfect Teacher”, “Happy Endings”, “The Newsroom”, “The Neighbors” and “Undateable”.

Apart from acting she also created band with singer Codi Caraco and played as bass guitarist.

The guest list included Missi Pyle, who officiated the ceremony, Shailene Woodley and Zoe Kazan. Kristy sent me some photos of Tyler’s wedding saying she was “so excited” and is “still flying high.”Can’t stop cooking If you still haven’t tried Stephen Lee’s cooking, you have an opportunity on Monday during the Blackhawk Showdown to see if his skills in the kitchen meets your taste.

Hilton is known for his role in the CW’s “One Tree Hill,” and has also portrayed Elvis Presley in the Johnny Cash biopic, "Walk the Line."Most recently, he played Charlie Arthurs for two seasons of “Extant,” co-starring Halle Berry. Lee of Palm Springs, who came in third on season 6 of FOX’s "Master Chef," will compete against another chef in the competition at La Quinta High School, which raises money for the culinary academy and local charities.

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