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Years later Martin Kaymer dated fellow golfer , this pretty gal is the daughter of former NHL player Joe Micheletti. 25-year-old Allison Michelleti and Martin Kaymer dated for almost two and a half years from 2010 until 2012.Allison knew ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to be an athlete, however hockey was not in her plans, and golf, came to her life a bit later. In September, 2013 Allison married 44-year-old NHL player Mike Modano, they have twin (boy and a girl) born in July, 2014.Wade publicly refutes his soon-to-be-ex's claims and publicly defends his girlfriend, calling the lawsuit a retaliation tactic for his custody bid." data-reactid="61" as a defendant.She accusing the actress of engaging in "sexual foreplay" with Wade in front of the children and says Union's behavior with Wade is causing the children emotional damage.

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March 2011: Wade is awarded sole "care, custody, and control" of his sons.She doesn't pose for photos with her beau, but is obviously there with him.March 2010: While his acrimonious divorce with Funches rages on, Wade files for sole custody of their two young sons alleging that his ex couldn't "be considered a fit and proper person" to raise them because she exhibited threatening behavior, used abusive parenting methods, and had extramarital affairs.Soon after, Union participates in Wade's World Foundation Youth Empowerment Summit in Chicago, proudly sitting next to him on the panel.December 2010: Wade and Funches face off in court to hash out their custody arrangement.

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